A Possible Cryptid, Moreton in Marsh & Other UK Cryptid Encounters

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Excerpt from one of the many cases featured in tonight’s podcast” – am assuming “It” couldn’t see us from as we were shielded by the blinding light. I’ve never seen anything like “It” before. “Its” face was just like a dog but “It” looked much more fierce than any domestic dog and “ Its” features were very strong and defined. This “Creature” was covered in thick black hair from head to toe. My step Dad and I just stood there in shock. “It” moved away from the pond and stood up on “its” back legs and leapt over the tall garden hedge. This hedge was about 10 ft tall and “It” had no trouble clearing it. Then “It” was gone. My step dad turned off the light and told me to get to bed. The next morning he told me that we were never to discuss what we had seen again. Whenever I tried to mention the event and what we saw he just denied it all as if it never happened. But that was not the only time I think I came very close to “It”
Audio & Interview – Deborah Hatswell

Video Editing & Images – Mark Hatswell

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