A New Amityville Horror | The Grave Talks Revisited

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While this story does not take place in Amityville, it carries many similarities to the horrors endured at 112 Ocean Avenue many years ago. Striking details, right down to the iconic eye-shaped windows adoring the top level of the home which made the Amityville Horror a household name.

This story takes place in Franklin Virginia. It is the account given by an innocent family of three who battled demonic forces in what should have otherwise been a peaceful home that they would love for many years to come. What do you do when a dark force seems to attach itself to your loved ones, clouding their judgment and reasoning skills. What do you do when you constantly feel repressed and attacked in every room of your home. What do you do when you feel your child’s safety may be in danger by an unseen force?

Today we talk with paranormal investigator Jackie Tomblin about her encounters and discoveries when investigating this house of horrors.

In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

What is the substance that begins to bleed out of the walls?

Who or what does Jackie believe is the cause of this haunting?

Does Jackie believe there is something demonic in the house?

What happens to Jackie’s team the day after the investigation?

How “abnormal” or extreme was this case compared to others you’ve investigated?

Did any of these entities attach themselves or possess anyone involved with the house?

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