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Hi Weirdos! 

Welcome to our FINAL episode of the year!  The season one finale!  It’s been a crazy year full of laughter and screams, friendship and drinks, learning crazy new things, and most importantly.. sharing scary stories.

One story you’ve heard referenced multiple times is that of “Ben.”  The ghost that followed Ashley from apartment to apartment when she first moved to LA.  Well this week, we get to sit down and have a chat with Ben.  

Ashley and Lauren are joined by Robyn and Jonathan on their LAST night in their [possibly] haunted apartment in this part interview, part investigation– all spooky fun.

See you on the flip side, Weirdos!

((PS: There are a couple parts of this audio that is a little echoey– we were working with multiple sets of equipment because we were ALSO filming this episode for a YouTube collaboration with METHODBOX!  Keep an eye out for that on our Keep It Weird Facebook page!))