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An excerpt from tonight’s episode -After a couple hours one officer broke the silence with a bloodcurdling scream. His partner snapped his head around to see the torso of a man pressed against the window. The officer jumped out of the car to apprehend what he thought was a joker. But when he came around the front of the car, the figure vanished. It was nowhere to be seen. The two officers were suddenly overcome with an intense feeling of dread and frightening sounds began to fill the once quiet night.

The police crew were completely shaken up and confused by what they had experienced. They began to slowly drive off when something started banging and hammering down extremely hard on the outside of the car. When the battering eventually stopped, the officers inspected the car and found there to be no damage whatsoever. They also did not see anyone present throughout this event, there was no explanation for the cause of the banging.
Audio & Interview – Deborah Hatswell

Video Editing & Images – Mark Hatswell

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