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~Created and Narrated By: Alvan Bolling II~
The Ghost Light Theater is an Anthological Horror Podcast hosted by “The Ethereal Actor” Lucious W. Griot, showcasing ghost stories, poems, plays (New & Old Time Radio), and anything else under the setting sun from the dark depths of Speculative Fiction, with the hope of providing Haunting stimulation for your imagination, all for your Frightful, Earthbound Entertainment. Here, in The GLT, it’s always Spooky Season.
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A Few Minutes of Fright for a Dark Night (Mini-)[Episode #3.5]

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Welcome Back to our humble, little Theater of Shadows! We’re sure that you’ve noticed that this performance is billed as “Episode 3.5” and that’s because this is a “Mini-Episode”. We are diligently delving into the deep, dark recesses of the Speculative Fiction genre in order to bring you the highest quality, and, not to mention, the Spookiest show possible. We didn’t want the pages of the 7th calendar month to flip by without providing you some sort of satisfyingly, albeit rather succinct, Haunting Horror…
The story presented for your listening pleasure here tonight is a short story by writer, Keith S and it’s titled: I See You. You can read this short story for yourself at the following link:
If you, or someone you know, are interested in having your play/story (true or fiction) performed on the show, Email us:
To connect with us on a number of different platforms, visit:
*Headphones are encouraged, but headphone users should also Beware…*
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-“The Dark Rite Sounds” by SPANAC |
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~ Podcast Created, Edited, & Produced by: Alvan Bolling II ~
~ Voice Acting by: Alvan Bolling II ~

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