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This particular morning it was around 8.40 am so it was dark, your typical Northern Winter morning Feb/Mar 2018. He was driving along the road as normal, keeping an eye out for Deer or any animal that would dash out in front of the car. We live quite close to this area and we have both heard strange noises ourselves at night from something we can not identify to be honest. As my Husband was making his way down the road he was astonished to see what he would later describe to me when he got home later as a “Bigfoot” type ‘Creature’ He said he passed ‘It’ driving quite quickly, so he couldn’t give me any real in depth details about facial features or anything, When I pushed him for a description he just said ‘It was a large hairy Bigfoot type Creature on the edge of the forest and I saw ‘It’ as ‘It’ was picked out by the lights from the car. I didn’t really know what to say so we both just left it at that and I looked for somewhere I could report this too.

Less than a month later, My Husband has had another sighting on the way to Killhope this morning. He was driving the same route he drove last time, and as he got closer to Killhope, quite close to the same place as the last time he saw the ‘creature’ again, but this time the Bigfoot was further out from the trees and more towards the road, standing on the dirt track more in the open. Today was a bright sunny day even though we still had snow on the ground, perfect spring weather, so my husband said ‘It’ was stood out much closer than before and he got a better look at ‘It’, he was just startled to see ‘It; there again not really doing anything to hide itself, just standing out in the open like that. Any one passing would also see it surely?

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