A Cult Leader from Texas and a Giant Worm from Ohio and a Walk into a Bar

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Hey Misfits! Steve and Emmy are back with a brand new episode that’s going to rock your socks off. Emmy kicks it off with the story of the True Way cult — a religion that believed God would appear on a local retail shopping TV channel to save the world from impending destruction. Somehow, that’s not the most ridiculous part: all of the believers were forced to live in middle-of-nowhere Texas where they definitely got barbecue sauce on their all-white uniforms and cowboy hats (at least according to Steve). Emmy passes it off to Steve who tells us about some crazy cryptids like “SinkHole Sam” — a giant ugly worm discovered by the one and only Dr. Erasmus Quattlebaum (yup, that’s a real guys name). They also chat through the Loveland Frogman, who Emmy believes may just be a wet pickle.

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