A Conversation with r/MandelaEffect moderator, u/Starryrz

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Today we're talking Mandela Effect with r/MandelaEffect moderator, River Zurinsky Star! This phenomenon is worldwide and has become one of my favorite topics to discuss since the beginning of the show! River has had quite the experience with ME since early childhood, which lead to a much deeper dive, researching and tracking of various effects and changes in later life.

Though experiencing ME can be jarring, River and I both agree, that no matter what, it's worth paying attention to it and of course…discussing at length. From the major, well-known effects familiar to thousands around the world, to the personal glitches one might discover in their own lives, this is one paranormal phenomenon that seems to occur to everyone, on some level, at one time or another.

Whether they choose to trust their own eyes and memory…is another matter.

Learn more about my guest, find River on Twitch.tv and reach out at the following links:

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/starryrz/



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