A Conversation with Psychic Explorer Mark Anthony, JD

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Kristen sits down with Psychic Lawyer and Psychic Explorer, Mark Anthony to talk about his new book, The Afterlife Frequency. We discuss how being a psychic medium has been viewed in the past up through to the present day, the concept of the soul, and a new technique for spirit contact he has developed that anyone can apply!

Designated one of the 16 Best Books about Faith in God by PrettyProgressive.com, recommended by actress Shirley MacLaine and endorsed by some of the world's top researchers in near-death experience and survival of consciousness, Mark's book is a must read for anyone looking to learn more about the afterlife, spirit communication, how science plays a role and as the author states, “just wants a good page turner.”

Where to Purchase The Afterlife Frequency:

Mark's Website: www.AfterlifeFrequency.com

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Afterlife-Frequency-Scientific-Spiritual-Awareness/dp/1608687805/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=The+Afterlife+Frequency+by+Mark+Anthony&qid=1621469175&sr=8-4

*Or check with your local bookstore

References & Info:

About The Afterlife Frequency  https://youtu.be/4OhvCktctTI

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