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Someday, when you find yourself alone in a place like the one where this story occurred, take note of what happens to your footprints as the minutes tick by. As one of the narrators claims, the wind shifts things around fast–and it’s as if no trace of you ever existed.

The cast:

Anson, the seeker – Ebenezer Alasi, https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/ebenezerfunshoalasi

Eva, the penitent – Amy Paonessa of The Bloodlust podcast, thebloodlust.net

Lydia – Currer Hathaway, currerhathaway.com

James Del Norr – Reginald Baskerville, www.backstage.com/u/reginald-baskerville/

Monica – Linda Wojtowick, The Ghosts on This Road podcast

Tom – Soren Narnia

Music: “Close” by Eleven Tales, “Paragon” by Kyle Preston, all rights reserved. Audio Mastering: Les Lentz