#90: Maudie Jordan — “RunFreeRunWild” Mindset and The Power of Resilience

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This week’s episode is an extremely powerful example of the power of perseverance, gratitude, and a “learning how to suffer” mindset.

Maudie Jordan is a wonderful, incredibly positive, and completely badass mountain athlete from the Pacific Northwest. She has completed multiple 100 milers, climbed numerous mountains, and spends her times exploring all sorts of wild areas.

In this episode, she shares the ups and downs of her journey, what it’s like to run a 100 miler with anemia, and how failure led her to personal growth and how she learned to embrace an adventurous life.

Most importantly she teaches us perseverance. She set a goal to finish a 100 miler, failed four separate times, quit running, rediscovered her love of trail running, and eventually accomplished her goal! Her story is so incredibly inspiring and my hope is that we can all apply some of these lessons to our own lives.

This was one of my absolute favorite conversations! Maudie is well-spoken, hilarious, extremely positive, and authentic. Enjoy!


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Excellent Blog for Trail Sisters: https://www.trailsisters.net/2018/03/07/i-didnt-finish-but-have-grown/

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