The Tipsy Ghost

Hosted BySarah Boydston, Sarah Hein, and Lindsey Wood

(Explicit) We’re just a few 30 somethings hunting some ghosts with a drink in hand! We love to investigate the paranormal, gather some evidence, and discuss our findings. We talk about all things creepy and weird - true crime, paranormal, conspiracies, and urban legends. If you like to drink while listening to all things creepy, congrats, you’re one of our people.

9 : Hashtag Lindsey Needs A New Router

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The episode where we bring our (mostly) international paranormal stories! Boydston talks about the Poinsett Bridge in South Carolina with stories of encounters sure to make you crap your pants. Lindsey flies us over to one of the most famous haunted islands in the world – Poveglia Island in Italy! Plague wine makes an appearance along with our favorite Zak. Lastly, Sarah finishes us off in England with her favorite topic – witches! The Cage has a whole lotta nope with haunted toys, bones you can pay to see, also the best…Tittie the Familiar!

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