9/11 in Context The Omnibus Edition

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In this giant sized collection of previously published episodes we sit down and put the complicated events leading up to 9/11 in context. The Conspiracy theory we are talking about isn’t about the Freemasons, energy weapons, micro nukes or wizards…The conspiracy we are talking about is real and it is disturbing.

9/11 In Context pt1: The Siege of Vienna to The World Trade Center Bombing

Start to 50:00 When talking about 9/11 some people for one reason or another have a tendency to look at the events of that day in a vacuum, or as a starting point then spiraling forward into chaos. In this episode and the next couple, we are seeking to put the events of that day in historical and political context. We start this daunting story in 1683 and trace it all the way to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993.

9/11 In Context pt2: Crimes, Conspiracy and Confusion

50:00 – 1:43 Continuing on with the story of 9/11 we pick up the story just after Desert Storm when Al-Qaeda started gathering resources including money, recruitment and training. As Bin Laden’s acts of terror started ripping through our embassies and ships we can’t figure out just how to confront this new terrorism. There actually seems to be a shocking lack of situational awareness in our government on how to deal with this mounting threat. After the fact either an insane amount of corruption or incompetence from the highest levels of the government to obfuscate facts and cover up the many blatant mishandlings of these events prior to 9/11.

9/11 In Context pt3: The Clinton Administration

1:43 – 2:41 In this episode accusations are leveled squarely at the Clinton Administration for the Keystone Cops like pursuit of known terror cells domestically, known terrorists coming into the country unimpeded, failing to green light Bin Laden dozens of times and so much more. This episode implicates Clinton, Jamie Gorelick, Sandy Berger and Richard Clarke personally for the blunders, corruption and failures that literally cost the lives of thousands of Americans.

Featured Books:
Loosing Bin Laden, How Bill Clinton’s Failure Unleashed Global Terror -Richard Minter
Osama Bin Laden – Dr. Michael Scheuer
The 9/11 Commission Report

Documentary: Road to 9/11

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