#82: Jackson Foster — “Plantriotic”, Bike Touring from Alaska to Argentina

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On this week’s episode “Plantriotic” Jackson Foster shares wisdom he’s gained from his years adventuring through the world on his bike.

Currently, he’s on a journey riding his bike all the way from Alaska to Argentina, spreading goodness, experiencing the power of the present moment, and embracing all the adventures along the way. This interview was recorded during a brief break in his tour as he emerged from the Alaskan wilderness and the chilly Canadian Yukon through the Pacific Northwest and into the Urban Jungle of Los Angeles.

Through this conversation, Jackson shares what he’s learned along the way. We talk about compassion, gratitude, living outside your comfort zone, what it’s like to live nomadically from your bike and why you should give jumping off the beaten path a shot. He also explains what his journeys have taught him about humanity and the kindest of strangers.

Hope you guys enjoy the show! Be sure to follow and support Jackson and his dog Maggie as they venture through Mexico and into the southern hemisphere. He updates excellent daily vlogs on his Youtube channel “Plantriotic.” (Link below)

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