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Greetings, fellow Wellesians, Wellsians, OTR-lovers, Mars-lovers (not Bruno), historians, and seekers! In honor of World Audio Drama Day (observed annually, every October 30th) 2018, the following friends and fellow audio drama makers gathered via Skype to create a special panel discussion (in alphabetical order):

Ed Champion of “The Gray Area” podcast

Joe Griffin and Ele Matelan of Wildclaw Theatre Chicago

Pete Lutz of 63audio/Narada Radio Company (Host)

Jeff Niles of 4077th Productions

Aimee Pavy of “12 Chimes, It’s Midnight” podcast

We’re discussing the historic and fateful “War of the Worlds” radio program from the Mercury Theatre on the Air, first broadcast on CBS on 10/30/38. Then we’re playing the 50th anniversary tribute-remake first broadcast on NPR on 10/30/88. Then we come back and talk about that, comparing it to the original. Fun, freewheeling discussion abounds! So what are you waiting for? Start listening, eh? And enjoy!