#80: Guarding the News

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When Donald Trump rightly called CNN “Fake News”, the public went crazy but for two very different reasons. Some felt that he was attacking the integrity of that news organization for political purposes and out of bitterness, but others realized that he was just making an honest and correct assessment of CNN’s body of blatant lies over four decades.

The introduction of News Guard was designed to shift the balance of power back onto the corporate media and away from those in the alternative media that had been picking holes in their storylines for years.

With an advisory board that Satan, himself, would be proud of, News Guard is trying to manipulate the public back into thinking that the Mainstream Media holds all of the relevant information and should be considered the only “authority” on what is and is not actually fake news. You will be disturbed to know who owns them, and what they have planned for the sleeping public.

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