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EPISODE #781 Christian Mysticism, Jesus and the Spirit Realm

Richard speaks with a Christian Mystic and musician who discusses the meaning of the Bible, the identity and importance of Jesus Christ and the spirit realm.

Guest: TruthSeekah is a hip hop artist whose knowledge about esoteric and spiritual subjects is infused throughout the medium of music and lyricism. In his music, he pioneers a new sound with rhythmic, mystic Hip Hop beats. His music is the embodiment of his own spiritual encounters and supernatural experiences.

His journey has brought him through research and experience with the occult, paranormal, Christianity and the spirit realm. TruthSeekah has made it his life’s work to understand the spiritual realms and relate it back to people in a practical way. His desire is to help people embrace the reality of the spiritual world so they can walk in supernatural freedom in their lives.


Spirit Realm: Angels, Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God

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