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Richard speaks with an author and paranormal researcher about how law enforcement and other first responders have experienced their share of paranormal encounters— but have not always been willing to talk about their experiences.

Guest: Gare Allen is the author of thirteen books including the amazon best-seller, The Dead, A True Paranormal Story. Gare attended the The Metaphysical Academy in Tampa, Florida during the mid 1990’s which later inspired his series of short stories, 7 Lessons. The collection chronicles Gare’s other-worldly experiences with reincarnation, astral projection, channeling, and divination. In 1999, Gare purchased a home that he soon found to be haunted by its former occupant. In his free time, Gare is an advocate of animal welfare and has donated his time and book royalties to assist local animal adoption agencies.


7 Lessons-7 Short Stories of Reincarnation and Paranormal Experiences

The Dead: A True Paranormal Story

Ghost Crimes

Ghost Crimes 2: The Paranormal Enemy

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