750: 744: Stone in the Stream | Chapters 17 to 19 | Dr Roache 2.0 – What Reality?

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Stone in the Stream | Chapters 17 to 19 | Dr Roache 2.0
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Welcome you living legends, to your Wednesday night Audio Book story, the Stone in the Stream, Chapters 17 to 19, written by Phee Stringer. And as explained last episode, the rain and wind are still continuing to heavily whack my house, and I’m doing all I can to actually noise cancel it out. But in the meantime I won’t have a proper intro or outro, at least for today, with this Friday looking a lot clearer, I can return to normal recordings. Weather fluctuations like this are always painful, but I’ll do my best to bring you your stories.
Today Zoey encounters Dr Roache 2.0, a different Jason as it were, but also, the same Jason in many ways. And the question here is, how do you convince a person you knew and possibly loved from a different reality…that you know them, and there’s something bigger going on in the reality that they’re in? Well…you need time….the very same aspect of reality that has be so severely warped, in Stone in the Stream. As always, till next we meet.
I hope you all love the episode mates! Enjoy!
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