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 Episode #726 Spirit Art

Richard speaks with an ordained Spiritualist minister who discusses her ability to draw deceased persons along with evidential photographs and eyewitness testimonials that prove human consciousness continues after permanent bodily death.​Guest: Rev. Donna Voll has always been connected to the spirit world. Some of her earliest clairvoyant visions, sometimes frightening and often unexplained, came to her during childhood. These visions were difficult to comprehend as a small child, but her mother helped her use prayer to keep her visions directed to God and the Higher Planes. As she matured, she experienced premonitions and prophecies that confirmed her spiritual gifts. By the time she became a mother of three young children her visions became more prevalent. She began a course of study into spiritual development, which allowed the clairvoyant visions to become focused. and the messages to become clear and true.

​Once during a meditation, she was suddenly impressed to draw faces and messages. Having never had art training, she was amazed at the art that poured through her. It was months before she shared her newly found gift with anyone. Then one day, impressed by spirit, she gave a certain picture to another woman, who was overjoyed. She cried, remarking that the drawing was a portrait of a young man she loved, who had passed away. A message accompanied the portrait that revealed he was fine and close to God. After that day, Donna knew that her Spiritual Gift should be shared in order to help guide and comfort others.

Thousands of people have witnessed these spirit portraits through church services and private work proving human conscious survives death. Beautiful angels, faces of loved ones, symbols and scenes are drawn.



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