705: The Disturbing Secrets of The Appalachian Trail | The Dark Swamp Ep 705

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I knew the woods of my small southern rural town like the back of my hand. I cleared dozens of trails to ride my bike, built forts with my friends, and enjoyed the best— and worst— of what nature has to offer. Being outdoorsy, hiking the Appalachian Trail was always a primary goal. 

Growing into my mid-teens, I moved from a small town to a slightly bigger city in Western North Carolina, where I could finally see the mighty Appalachian trail. This trail and the surrounding areas created pivotal memories that forever changed who I am as a person. My respect and undying passion for the forest were forever solidified with my time spent in those woods…

Today, we’re taking a microscope to one of North America’s— really, the world’s— most infamous hiking trails; these are the dark secrets of the Appalachian Trail…

Written by: Swamp Dweller + Page Turner