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Richard welcomes a writer/translator to discuss the history of the Bavarian Illuminati, their grades, rituals, ceremonies and fundamental philosophies. The Bavarian Order of the Illuminati is the most celebrated secret society in the world. Though officially lasting only 11 years, the powerful spell and shadow cast by the Illuminati still looms in the present day, where its influence can be seen in current conspiracy beliefs and actions by powerful individuals working in the shadows. The original Order of the Illuminati was founded by Bavarian professor Adam Weishaupt in 1776. Although the order was banned and brought down by the Bavarian Elector in 1787–when he became aware of the extent to which it had infiltrated the courts, schools, and his own administration–its legend and deep influence lives on to this day.

Guest: Jon E. Graham is an award-winning translator, artist and writer specializing in esoteric topic


The Bavarian Illuminati: The Rise and vall of the World’s Most Secret Society

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