#68: Crony Capitalism: An American Tradition

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People like to talk about the “American Way” of doing things as if it is always better and more evolved. Sometimes the American way of doing things is just an improvement on the traditional way that things have been done of the centuries.

Politicians in the United States act is if bribery and scamming is limited to banana republics and authoritarian regimes, but America has improved upon the old method of filling a bag with money in order to motivate a politician to vote a particular way.

These days, after a long run in Washington D.C. as a Senator or military general, comes to an end, lucrative speaking engagements and consulting gigs spring up as a way of rewarding those that played ball while in the system. Only criminals get rich going into politics, and with Congress filled with millionaires, it isn’t hard to figure out who has their hands in the cookie jar.

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