674: 667: The Brothers Grimm 1863 – Seven Ravens, Rapunzel, The White Snake

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The Brothers Grimm 1863 – Seven Ravens, Rapunzel, The White Snake
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📚Seven crows does a curse make for the brothers of a weak child, and who knows the world of animals and the quips of dialogue shared amongst blue birds, and golden tresses make a girl, and that girl a prince’s Repunzel.📚
Listeners, I bring you Brothers Grimm, tales of old. A fathers hex, the language of animals, and the classic witchery tales of the girl of the tower. Mates a big thank you to the lovelies who have emailed recently to let me know how they’re enjoying the show.
Now mates, pour yourself an earl grey, or a tea of your choice, and let’s listen to some classics…so relax…and rejoice.
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