666: 659: The Purple Pileus 🍄 1898 H.G Welles | Very Old Tale 🍄

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The Purple Pileus 🍄 1898 H.G Welles | Very Old Tale 🍄
Mushrooms…you know, there’s an old saying amongst Mycophiles.
“All mushrooms are edible…but some can only be eaten once” Mates, today’s story is The Purple Pileus, whose effect on consumption is most serious.
And our protagnost Mr Coombes is no exception, but instead of de-spiriting his poor soul…well…quite the contrary takes place. Join me you lovelies for a tale written all the way back in 1898 – it’s a slow burn story, but one that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. So turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and let’s get cozy with a cuppa.
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