657: 650: John and Judith and Arsenic! πŸ’€ CRIME CLASSC | OTR πŸ“»

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John and Judith and Arsenic! πŸ’€ CRIME CLASSC | OTR πŸ“»
πŸ“»Let’s just say, dumb murderers, a poison seller, and wobbly voices had me in stitches in today’s episode – albeit completely unintentional.
This episode is so unique that I decided to leave it in and have also included my own transcript of this episode so you can listen along, and you can read at various points on what was going through my mind listening to this episode.
Mates, join me for John and Judith…and their soiree with the poison….Arrrrrrssnic heheheh, enjoy. πŸ’€
EPISODE NOTES with Timestamps πŸ§”
2:40 – the squiggles are gone.
3:50 – Heeelooooo
4:20 – Oh the sneaaaky maid.
5:00 – And so did the rest of the audio, almost!
5:22 – Gooioioiod Meaaaallons for suuuiuiure!
6:41 – The SILVER TRAY!! It’s a trap!
7:10 – Best pick up line ever – Alooone we are!
7:51 – ARGH it’s back! The wobbles!
8:10 – Did she sleep like this: ZeeieieieZeieieie
8:46 – Ohoho you sweet talker!
9:25 – The lads or the drinks?
10:00 – No shit mate! This guy is a thinker!
10:26 – Arrghg the wiggles!
10:50 – Barbara has seemed to consumed some of her own produce already…
12:15 – ….oh….my…..
12:30 – OH NO….the arsneic!
13:02 – Heeelloooosheeeeeeiiiiit!
13:24 – Not how I’d imagine any death dialogue would go….
14:20 – And right out of our ears….yikes!
16:30 – Mate I’d be so scared about both of them poisoning each other. Goodness!
17:00 – Gooooodbyeeeee!
18:00 – Hahahah resume building credentials for sure. CV – Roamer, scarer, and all around grave digger…*checks out*
18:35 – HO NOOOOO
19:00 – Even the narrator is tired of her crap!
19:40 – Barbara…..Mercy…please not arsenic.
21:39 – I can practiculaly STILL hear Barbara reciting “Arrrrhschnic” over and over again.
22:11 – A+ for witchery and festivity hahaha
22:24 – Not for…GASP! Sheeeee’s a sharp one hohohoho!
23:08 – …. dear lord man do you have no tact! Leave the dogs alone.
25:00 – Well…seems like he’s had enough of EVERYTHING.
26:30 – Juddith is part Sith it appears “Dessttroooooooy heeer”
26:00 – Um….well…that seemed to escalate narratively, VERY quickly….
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