654: 647: CRIME CLASSICS | If a Body needs a Body & The Assassination 📻

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Remastered CRIME CLASSICS: If a body needs a Body & The Assassination 📻📻
💜Welcome, my loveliest listeners, and I’m back, at least in most part. For those of you who are catchin up, I underwent surgery last week and have been recovering since that point. I’m still in a bit of pain and fatigue but nothing I can’t handle, the real issue is only at night, where it can be difficult to not sleep on my right side where the cuts were made – but I find a way you brilliant peeps.
😎Nonetheless, I’m back, and I’ve edited two old time radio episodes as my thank you for your patience. A huge thank you to all of you who reached out to me whilst I was away and in surgery, I’ve appreciated every single one of your emails – even if I haven’t been able to get to them. Rest assured I have read them, just haven’t had the energy at present to reply – but I’m deeply grateful.🧔
Your first Remastered Old Time Radio episode is: If a Body Needs a Body, a duo robbers…turned murders, and stealing from others in a way that no human has the right to do so. And your second tale “The Assassination”, recounts the significant event of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. I bring you Thomas Highland, Crime Classics. Lastly, before I start, I want to say my thank you’s in short today before heading off to catch some rest.
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