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Richard speaks with a documentary filmmaker and paranormal researcher about his visit to Skinwalker Ranch, known as one of the hottest zones in the world for paranormal activity including ufos, poltergeists, Bigfoot-like creatures, inter-dimensional portals, and cryptids.

Guest: Marc Coppell is originally from New Zealand (of which he is a dual citizen of New Zealand and the United States) and has lived around the world on sea and land. He is a licensed ‘technician class’ ham radio operator, certified scuba diver, graphic artist, videographer, photographer, paranormal researcher and investigator, UFO hunter, drone operator, has written a paper on near-death experiences, a newspaper journalist and honor student while he attended Brigham Young University in Hawaii, independent film-maker, and is an amateur aero-space inventor. As a boy, Marc had a keen interest in the space sciences and expressed that to his deputy principal in the school he attended in Auckland, New Zealand. In conversation he said he would like to send something into space.

Documentary Film

Skinwalker Ranch: Apocalypse Close Encounters

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