644: The Dark Swamp: Horror Stories (Episode 644) Campers Vanishing In The Woods | Missing 411 Cases

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Missing 411 cases are seemingly surrounded by mystery. These are missing person’s cases that meet a particular list of criteria. Aside from clusters of disappearances in one area, the victims were either alone or separated from their group when they vanished; they most commonly disappeared in the mid-to-late afternoon hours, and it is usually in rocky terrain or near a body of water. Weather events are also common occurrences just before or after the incident. Dogs can never find or follow a scent, and – in cases where the bodies are located – it’s in a previously searched location. In these instances, many victims are missing clothing articles, and medical examiners cannot determine a cause of death. I’ve researched three cases for the occasion, and – if nothing else – I think you’ll find the results interesting. Submit your story to swampdweller.net!

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