644: 637: One Last Round | Part 2 – The Locked Door Written by Keith Daniels 🚪

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🎸Last episode we heard a tale of a guitar whose curse lingers in the mind of those that use it, a voice that cackles, and erodes the psyche of those that can hear it, an insidious ruse of success, replaced by corruption and anger….and insanity. Today…we hear Chris’s story, and oh what a story it is…is he too losing his grip on reality, reduced to nothing but wimpers, and terrified thoughts of what could have happened to him. 🚪
🚪Listeners, welcome to One Last Round Part 2 by Keith Daniels – this is not for little ears, and carries with it explicit content. I hope this episode has you looking over your shoulders today…..now turn the lights off, the sound up, and let’s get our skin crawling.🚪
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