636: 629: Straight Razer Larry | Antimony | The Black Museum ⚗

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🧪 Larry…a man with an interesting accent, and a consuming passion for women, love…but that’s not all he wants. Oh no….he wants it all. His lovers affection, and most of all, his lovers money. But how does he do it? How does he kill?
🪒And what does Larry use to kill…..well, the folks at Scottland Yard are hot on his heels, at first they were suspicious, but soon, like blood hounds on a scent, they are hunting Larry down, and backing him into a corner.
📻 Join me you brilliant listeners for a remastered episode, just for your lovely ears. Today I’ve been working hard on bringing out clarity from Orson Wells voice, but also adding some brightness and richness to the dialogue on this tale. It starts of a little rocky, due to excessive noise, but as the episode progresses the audio improves. So mates, strap yourselves in, and join me for a classic, vintage, tale.
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