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Richard welcomes pilot, writer and author Don Ledger to talk about some of the 140 UFO sightings in Atlantic Canada that he’s documented, including the famous Shag Harbour Incident of 1967. He’ll describe one of the earliest known sightings of a UFO in the Maritimes, which was reported to Judge Simeon Perkins in Nova Scotia in 1796.

Guest: Don Ledger is a writer, authorpilot and researcher. He has appeared in numerous documentaries, on radio and television programs talking about the Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon that has been in vogue since 1947. Don has given lectures all over North America about the UFO phenomenon specifically the Shag Harbour Incident which captured the world’s attention upon the publication of DARK OBJECT by Don and co-author Chris Styles (published 2001).

Don resides in Bedford, Nova Scotia. He likes to write, fly and travel.

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