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Richard talks with an inventor about making your own colloidal silver.   Guest: Bruce McBurney (deceased) was a self taught inventor, electrical and motor mechanic repairman, handy handyman according to the theory All known bacteria and viruses are killed by Colloidal Silver. In fact some 650 known bacterias are killed by Colloidal Silver. (You may want to research that yourself) But all these ugly little things in your body all have positive charges, as everything in your body works on a small amount of electric current. When you drink Colloidal Silver (which is a negative charge) it is attracted to these positive charges in your body the bad guys. If the particles size is smaller than .05 microns your colloidal generator makes the particle size 100 to 1000 times smaller than .05 microns, that allows this Colloidal Silver to go straight to the positive charge wherever it may be inside of you.   SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS!!!   Mystic Labs, Delta-8 Never Tasted This Good! The Premium manufacturer of the highest-quality and most trusted Delta-8 THC products available.  Use the Code CON15 and receive 15% off your order.  www.mysticlabsd8.com   C60EVO -The Secret is out about this powerful anti-oxidant. The Purest C60 available is ESS60.  Buy Direct from the Source.  Buy Now and Save 10% – Use Coupon Code: EVRS at Checkout!   Strange Planet Shop – If you’re a fan of the radio show and the podcast, why not show it off?  Greats T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and more.  It’s a Strange Planet – Dress For It! BECOME A PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER FOR LESS THAN $2 PER MONTH If you’re a fan of this podcast, I hope you’ll consider becoming a Premium Subscriber.  For just $1.99 per month, subscribers to my Conspiracy Unlimited Plus gain access to two exclusive, commercial-free episodes per month. They also gain access to my back catalog of episodes. The most recent 30 episodes of Conspiracy Unlimited will remain available for free.  Stream all episodes and Premium content on your mobile device by getting the FREE Conspiracy Unlimited APP for both IOS and Android devices… Available at the App Store and Google Play. To become a subscriber CLICK HERE or go to www.conspiracyunlimitedpodcast.com and click on Get Access to Premium Episodes