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In Episode 621: The Coming Nephilim Wars, Gary Wayne discusses his books on giants and their role in history and end-time prophecy. He explains the different types of giants, their divine right to rule, and their presence before and after the flood. He also talks about their fertility issues and interbreeding among giants, as well as the return of giants in the end times. He explores the concepts of chimeras and portals in relation to giants and the occult. Gary talks about various topics related to ancient technology, interdimensional portals, and the end times. He explains the existence of other dimensions and how beings from these dimensions can interact with the physical world. He also shares the concept of ancient angelic technology and its connection to pre-flood civilizations. The Babel story is explored as a potential reference to interdimensional portals and the use of advanced technology. Gary emphasizes the importance of teaching prehistory and prophecy to prepare for the end times. He also hints at fringe topics that will be covered in upcoming books down the road.

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