618: 611: RAWDON’s ROOF | 1938 Very Old Short Story [Reflective Tale]

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Today I have something special, like you, a story recommended to me by a listener titled RAWDON ROOF. It’s a tale set in the late 1930’s, 1938 to be exact, and not only is it uniquely modern in language, it is yet so dated by social standards.
I wanted to share this tale because of that sort of schism in cultural tone that a story like this can bring. Particularly the perspective of women in eyes of a man during the 1930’s, as the silent social norms that/or breaking of social norms that could take place back then.
You know me by now listeners, I enjoy shaking things up, and giving you something different to listen to. And I’m open to your feedback if you feel any aspect of this story crosses any line – I usually omit anything serious, and use the other social infractions that you’ll witness in this story as a tool for reflection.
This goes without saying that I don’t support the sentiments or perspectives towards women shared by our protagonist – but, just in case, I wanted to put that out there. Alright you lovelies, turn the lights off, get cozy, and join me for a tale from long, long ago.
Collected Short Stories – 1938 RAWDON’S ROOF:
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