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In Episode 613: Disneyland’s Portal Device, Walter Bosley discusses his book ‘Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom’ and his investigation into arcane science and engineering at Disneyland. He explores the possibility of an interdimensional portal at the theme park and the influence it may have on visitors’ psychic perception. Bosley shares his encounter with an elderly man named Alfred at Disneyland and the synchronicities that led him to research the park’s hidden secrets. He also delves into the role of C.V. Wood, the designer of Disneyland, and his involvement with psychic research. Bosley presents various theories to explain the phenomenon, including the existence of interdimensional beings and the manipulation of telluric currents. Walter talks about the concept of interdimensional travel and the role of the human factor in making it possible. He explains how the mind acts as a portal and the importance of the human consciousness in activating this mechanism. The episode culminates with Bosley proposing intriguing questions about our perception of reality and the untapped potential of the human mind in understanding and accessing other dimensions.


  • Disneyland may have an interdimensional portal located at the intersection of ley lines, which enhances visitors’ psychic perception and allows beings to enter across time and space.
  • C.V. Wood, the designer of Disneyland, was interested in psychic research and may have engineered the park as a psychotronic device to disperse telluric energy throughout the park.
  • Walter Bosley’s encounter with an elderly man named Alfred at Disneyland raises the possibility of interdimensional beings or time travelers using the park’s portal.
  • There is no evidence to support the claims that Walt Disney was involved in Masonic or sinister activities, and C.V. Wood’s intentions for the park were likely focused on enhancing the visitor experience.
  • Other carousels located on ley lines suggest that the use of rotating spinning objects may be a common method for generating portals. Fiction allows researchers to explore ideas that cannot be included in nonfiction.
  • The human factor, including the mind and consciousness, plays a crucial role in interdimensional travel.
  • The mind acts as a portal, and the human will is the key to unlocking its potential.
  • Belief and conditioning can suppress the exploration of paranormal phenomena.
  • Future generations raised in a world of rapidly shared information may have a greater starting point for belief in the unexplained.
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