61 : Lady Janet, Karen, and the Castle Manager

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The episode where we talk all things paranormal! First off, we’re gonna play a game called “Trying to Make Linda Cringe” where we visit Lindsey’s sheltered upbringing and learn just how much she loves Jim and Pam. It’s a LOT. Now for the stories – Lindsey is first in the UK with the Ancient Ram Inn, one of the oldest and most haunted hotel in England. You get everything here, witches, an incubus and succubus, helpful stair ghosts, and some demonic sacrifices. Next is Sarah with the Aokigahara in Japan, better known as the Suicide Forest.We’re going to throw up a trigger warning due to talks of suicide and mental health here. Finally is Boydston with theGlamis Castle in Scotland, a castle with up to 20 spirits residing there. We meet Lady Janet who needs to speak with the castle manager ASAP, a secret room, and the Glamismodo of Scotland. And thanks to Sarah, we know how classless America is compared to the UK.

If you have thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else, please call your emergency response number or the 24/7 suicide hotline (in the US) at 1-800-273-8255


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