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In episode 609: Atmospheric Beasts; the show is taken over by Cryptids Of The Corn hosts, Jay Clone and Mr. E. They take us on a mind-bending exploration of the mysterious creatures inhabiting the upper atmosphere in this deep dive episode. In this episode, they tackle the science behind these creatures, delving into the layers of the atmosphere, the biological life that has been found in the upper atmosphere and dispelling common misconceptions. They explain that roughly 5% of UFO sightings are believed to be related to these organic beings residing in the upper atmosphere, drawing parallels to life forms found in the open ocean. These types of atmospheric monsters, ranging from sky snakes to cyanophores, jellyfish, and even manta rays, all set against the backdrop of scientific exploration.

They then transition from talking about the scientific nature of these beasts, to the real life stories told by eyewitnesses. These encounters span many years and are from all around the world. Join us for a captivating journey into the science and visual spectacle behind these atmospheric mysteries, where we are not just questioning but uncovering the undeniable evidence of life above.

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