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Episode 29 has arrived for your listening pleasure, one thats been in the works for a while, finally David Marler is on the pod!

David is one of the foremost experts on the planet when it comes to black triangular UFO’s. His collection of files, research and documents on the subject is unrivalled and recently he has just gained a whole new section to his vast library which we discuss.

Starting this show, there is now also an additional piece of interview available on Patreon with some extra listener questions, also, David discusses his favourite UFO case

David shares his thoughts on;

  • his ongoing working relationship with Chris Mellon
  • characteristics of triangular UFO’s
  • patterns in reporting/sightings
  • speculation on origin
  • other types of craft
  • listener questions
  • quickfire round
  • And much, much, more

You can buy Davids book “Triangular UFO’s: An estimate of the situation” through his website, Amazon or other reputable sites!

Checkout Davids site over at www.DavidMarlerUFO.com

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Enjoy folks!

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