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From host Barbara

‘I’ve been wanting to do an episode comparing and contrasting ecstatic spirit initiation (commonly called shamanic initiation) and alien abduction experiences for a while now, but my personal squeamishness around abduction narratives held me back.

However, in doing research on anomalous light phenomena, which has a significant overlap with alien abduction narratives, I have broadened my reading on the topic and have made my peace with it. I might talk about my familial and personal abductionesque narratives in a subsequent episode but not for a while.

But here it is, and I couldn’t have asked for a better guest for this topic than Alexandra. She’s deeply knowledgeable on both academic anthropology, and ecstatic spirit practices, and she did some of her doctoral research on the subject of mirrors and light in the context of shamanic practice, and we had a great time going back and forth and around and through the subjects listed in the title.’

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