6.22 Political Theater, Victim Mentality & Identify Politics | Brad Binkley

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Binkley from the Propaganda Report jumps in with guest co-host Shane of iNewsome Pod for a good rant about all the stupid shit going on in the world! Binkley highlights his intense dislike of Stacey Abrams, Hunter Biden, and a plethora of others! Thanks again to Shane for coming in on short notice and also for the cool Legit Bat rap song! (Stick around til the end of the show). You can find Brad at propagandareport.com, on Twitter @freedomactradio, and wherever you get podcasts. Shane can be reached at inewsomebutididntknowitallpod@gmail.com and https://altmediaunited.com/i-newsome-but-i-didnt-know-it-all/. Thanks for listening!
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