A Little Bit Grim

Hosted ByTaylor White and Jenni Harris-Steele

(Explicit) A Little Bit Grim is a two-host semi scripted podcast that features all the scary things that could happen to a person. In a weekly rotating schedule, we cover paranormal, true crime, folklore, conspiracy theories, cults, and disasters - so you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy!

59. Cults: A Duel of Swords

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Sit down, buckle your seat belt, keep your arms and legs inside of the vehicle because it’s about to be a bumpy ride on the A Little Bit Grim express today, friends! This week, Jenni talks about the extremely gross and violent Necrosatanists cult lead by Adolfo Constanzo in Miami. Then Taylor makes a two part series out of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. This week she talks about the culty aspect and next week will give all the deets on the terrible disaster that ensued.

Podcast Spotlight: Horror Slumber Party

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