583: 576: The Black Museum | The Sash Cord, Service Card, and the Sheath Knife!

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576: The Black Museum | The Sash Cord, Service Card, and the Sheath Knife!
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Welcome listeners to your Monday Old Time Radio episode, with me, your Tale Teller. Thank you to all of you little lovelies that supported my decision to miss Friday’s episode because my going away work party ended up going well into the night. That being said it was an absolute blast. Now in todays episode I’m bringing you not 1 remastered episode, not two, but THREE, of the Black Museum Episode with Orson Welles leading the narrative charge. In order, your tales are: The Sash Cord, the Service Card, and the Sheath Knife.
And mates all of these ones are keepers, all unique, with rich narrative tapestries that I know you’re going to enjoy. You know, murder, betrayal, insanity…hatred. The spice of that darker, and crueller criminal life style. So turn off the lights, crank up the sound, and be careful…anything…could be a weapon….for murder.
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