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Richard welcomes an astrophysicist to discuss potential extinction level events and alternative three- the colonization of Mars to support human civilization.

Guest: Dr. Antonio Paris is an Astrophysicist who is the Chief Scientist and Director of the Center for Planetary Science. 

Dr. Paris is a graduate of NASA’s Mars Education Program at the Mars Space Flight Center, Arizona State University. His most recent peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of the Washington Academy of Science include:

  • The Physiological & Psychological Aspects of Sending Humans to Mars – an extensive research centered on the implications of prolonged spaceflight to Mars, which include radiation, the cardiovascular system in space and long-term nutritional concerns in a microgravity environment.
  • Hydrogen Clouds from Comets 266/P Christensen and P/2008 Y2 (Gibbs) are Candidates for the Source of the 1977 “Wow” Signal – a hypothesis proposing the alleged extraterrestrial “Wow” signal was a result of a neutral hydrogen envelop from a planetary body.


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