574: Chandu the Magician and Dangerously Yours | Weather Killed my Audio 🌩

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574: Chandu the Magician and Dangerously Yours | Weather Killed my Audio 🌩
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Welcome mates to your Old Time Radio Monday, and I’m your host The Tale Teller. Today’s episode has been a difficult one – with the rains hitting my house pretty hard and knocking the power out intermittently, this is the second time that I’ve lost my audio. Sucks, I know, but each time I saved a bit to progress.
Weather ruined my recording! ⚡
What that means is though, that my mini thank you stories won’t be in today, but I’ll include the thank you’s before we start. I’ll be quick so as not to lose this recording as well. Your remastered episodes today are: Chandu the Magician, and Dangerously Yours. I’ve been using new software (thanks to listeners supporting the show) so I’ve been able to clean up more than usual. Chandu the Magician though….goodness that was the hardest remastering I’ve ever had to do. But Dangerously Yours was cleaned up immensely.
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