569: The Torment of Henrietta | True Crime Classics | OTR 📻

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The Torment of Henrietta | True Crime Classics | OTR 📻
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Mates, welcome to your next Old Time Radio Episode. The series episode I’ve remastered for you, is from the Crime Classics vault. Crime Classics for those of you who aren’t too familiar with this series are audio re-enactments based on real life events.
They can sometimes be silly, or narrated strangely, in that they portray crimes with criminals who didn’t entirely think their plans through, leading to shenanigan’s. However, in today’s story, we witness a tale that is sad and melancholy, where the criminal was in fact a tortured soul, by the name of Henrietta.
Suffering from mental illness, Henrietta led a tormented life. And we witness, see, and hear a strong message regarding mental illness that echo’s its relevance all the way from the 1940’s to present day 2020 – if only someone had helped her…had taken the time to give her the help she needed…and to not treat a human life, as a thing, to be laughed at, and as a form of entertainment.
The Torment of Henrietta is a real eye opener, and back then I’d imagine quite a risqué topic to address – so this episode is quite unique in that way.
I hope you thoroughly enjoy this thought provoking Old Time Radio episode.
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