559: 552: Crime Classics | New OTR Series – Sudden Death & Shrapnelled Body (Dracula Friday)

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552: Crime Classics | New OTR Series – Sudden Death & Shrapneled Body (Dracula Friday)
*DRACULA FRIDAY MATES* Your Tale Teller is sick today 🤒
✍What’s on today✍

Welcome listeners to your lovely new episode, which was supposed to be Dracula, but instead, is a set of two new series of Old Time Radio stories called Crime Classics. Mate I’ve been sick for the past two days – but recovering well, and instead of pushing myself through Dracula, and not delivering a great quality level of audio, I wanted to instead reach a happy medium. I decided to edit and master two OTR’s as my stop gap to recover by Friday – originally I was going to not upload an episode, but knowing you lovelies missed out Monday I just couldn’t have you miss another one from me – I can’t do that you folks.
But, seeing as I can’t be on the mic for too long, I’ll stop here and let you know the titles of both these tales, as well as my thank you’s, as I’ll be signing off early tonight to go rest. Also it’s nothing serious, just a stomach virus, which had me sleeping for ages. Moving on though, your first tale is The Sudden Death, and The Shrapnelled Body. Little oddity for you folks, whilst I was listening to the first tale it dawned on me, that these must be true stories, and folks, they are. So what you’re hearing today, are all true tales, from waaaaay back in the 1700’s and different era’s. This show is a little different than most Old Time Radio episodes but I’m sure you’ll love it. Let me know though.
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