55: That UFO Update #5 – Room 101 Listener submissions & TTSA news

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First up on the show we catch up on the latest TTSA statement, not unexpectedly confirming some BIG departures, what could this mean going forward?

The upcoming Roundtable is announced…!

We talk the OSIRIS project with Sean Cahill, Jeremy McGowan and others, very exciting.

Then the long awaited listener submissions from the Room 101 special are finally here as Dan joins me to run through many of YOUR suggestions for Room 101 that didn’t make the original 2 part special.

These include;

  • Dan tries to change his vote for removing Science
  • Debunkers
  • Charlatans
  • Cattle Mutilations
  • Orb videos
  • Our favourite X-files episodes 
  • and much, much more…

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