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Richard welcomes a journalist from Poland who describes what life was like for his people under communist rule.

Guest: Adam Borowski is a 34-year-old journalist, international relations enthusiast, a Polish-English teacher and translator with a passion for the unexplained since he can remember. He is currently looking for a literary agent or a publisher for his alternate reality novel, ‘’Euthanizers. Escaping Hazmat Demons.’’ The link to his novel snippet can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/escapinghazmatdemons 

 Adam is a contributor to the oldest English-language newspaper in South Korea – the Korea Times – the newspaper is 70 years old and goes back to the Korean War. He has written 56 articles covering a wide range of topics from politics to spirituality. An article example, ”Idealism in politics.”

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You can search for Adam’s articles on the Korea Times website

Adam welcomes your views and opinions: adam.borowski1985@gmail.com


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