50: Episode 24 Micah Hanks

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Episode 24 of the podcast is here for your listening pleasure… On the show is Micah Hanks, now of “The Debrief”, podcaster, author amongst many things. I could have spoken to Micah for hours and will definitley be having him back in the new year…

The subjects discussed include;
  • Micah’s journey to hopeful skeptic on UAP
  • The scientific approach
  • The Debriefs roots
  • ‘That’ Balloon/UAP photograph & what people are missing!
  • “Galactic Federation”
  • Listener Questions
  • Quickfire Round
  • And much, much more

Follow Micah online:

Twitter: @MicahHanks
Facebook: Micah Hanks official

Twitter: @DebriefMedia

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Enjoy folks!

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